Astro Portraits

My passion for photography has spread from landscapes to people, but what excites me even more is combining queenstowns beautiful landscapes with you beautiful people!

I specialise in astrophotography portraits, shooting people under the night sky with the milky way, aurora, moon or even just some cool cloud! the darkness holds many wonders and surprises so come and discover them with me!

I charge $400 per astro shoot which gets us around 10 images, usually including a panorama.

it generally takes half an hour - an hour of shooting time and I require you to stand relatively still for 15-25 seconds each shot, so it pays to practice standing still with your eyes closed before coming out ;)

Astrophotography is highly weather dependant so I advise on keeping a few days around your desired date free to pick the best night according to the weather. the moon also plays a big part in astrophotography as you can not capture milky way detail when the moon is out, so we need to plan your milky way shoot during the new moon phase of each month.

the milky way core is not visible between November and February from New Zealand as it is below the horizon and the nights are quite short, however I am still able to capture some awesome astro shots so don't hesitate to book in!

Please email to book or for any enquiries